Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trump tells tribal leaders that Medicaid cuts will be ‘great for everybody’

SENATE BILL ‘MOSTLY DEAD,’ BUT WILL IT REVIVE AFTER BREAK? Mark Trahant / Trahant Reports The Senate’s health care bill is “mostly dead.” But that’s not the...

Murder-for-hire trial brings former TAT chairman to witness stand

By Jodi Rave Spotted Bear Originally published in the Native Sun News RICHLAND, Wash. –– A motley crew of court witnesses ranging from heroin dealers, thieves...

GOAL Press Release: Grizzly bear delisting lacks consultation with tribes, opens habitat to mining,...

Go to the GOAL website, watch and listen to Native peoples from many tribes explain the cultural significance of grizzly bears. Led by spiritual leaders...

Letter to the Editor: Pipelines coerce American Indian landowners

Letter to the Editor, Stephanie Woodward’s article in the online magazine, In These Times, quotes Bureau of Indian Affairs central office’s Nedra Darling as saying...

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 Jodi Rave Spotted Bear is an award-winning journalist and opinion writer who’s won awards from mainstream, military, university and Native American press associations. She wrote for daily newspapers for nearly 15 years. Her first story was published more than three decades ago. Jodi reported on American Indian issues for 11 years as a national correspondent for Lee Newspapers in Missoula, Montana and Lincoln, Nebraska.