New Kiowa Tribe Princess crowned

The new Kiowa Tribe Princess has been crowned. Antonia Belindo was crowned 2012-2013 Kiowa Princess during a ceremony March 31 at Red Buffalo Hall in Carnegie. Belindo, a 19-year-old student at the University of Oklahoma where she is studying art and political science, is the daughter of Arlene Poolaw Belindo and Barry Belindo. Her grandparents were Lucille and Justin Poolaw and Dennis and Julia Belindo. Her Indian name is Aim-Auhl Daw Goon-Mah which means "She’s Dancing with Joy." When asked what the future holds in her service as princess, Belindo said, "My plans are to go out into the world and be the ambassador and voice for every Kiowa on the planet. I will go in full force of respect, honor and responsibility of all people to honor my Kiowa people. Through my representation I will let people know that our Kiowa people are those who still acknowledge our culture with a great sense of valor and pride."
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