Q & A: Brooke Simpson speaks about singing on ‘The Voice’

Brooke Simpson, a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe in North Carolina, sings on season 13 of NBC's "The Voice." She placed third in the national singing competition. Photo Courtesy A. Kay Oxendine
Editor’s note:

In November 2017, the Native Hoop Magazine introduced Brooke Mills Simpson to readers.  Simpson was on NBC’s “The Voice,” and ended the season in third place and was the only Native American on the show. A. Kay Oxendine of the Native Hoop met up for a Q & A with Simpson — in-person and written follow-up. Both women are members of the Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe in North Carolina. Read Oxendine’s first-person account of Brooke’s community return and welcome home supper in Hollister, N.C.

“The Voice” ended on Dec. 19, but Simpson’s career is just taking off.  “There was no question in my mind that Simpson Simpson was and is the voice of 2017,” said Oxendine. “She just needed an opportunity, which the Voice offered. As a follow-up, I asked her several questions concerning her journey and her future.” 

Here is the interview between Simpson and Oxendine:

Kay Oxendine:  So did The Voice satisfy all of your expectations?  

Brooke Simpson:  It exceeded my expectations — 2017 was the best year of my life because of that opportunity.

Oxendine:  OMG.  What did you think when they gave you a car?

Simpson: The whole time in LA, we were wondering if we would receive a car or not because we knew they had done it in the past.  But, by the night of the finale, we had figured that we weren’t getting anything for our season, so, the complete shock on our faces was completely real.

Oxendine: Has Miley fulfilled her desire to sign you on as a singer/accomplice? 

Simpson:  Chilllllll – lol.   The show just ended and we are both enjoying the holiday’s with our families. I don’t know what the future holds for us but I know you should definitely be on the lookout. Who knows what will happen.

Oxendine: “What Is Beautiful” – wow. What a song! And it is so you!  How did it feel to present that song for the first time?

Simpson: It felt amazing.  I felt so honored and humbled for my first single to be a message I believe so strongly in.

Oxendine: What doors have been opened since the ending of The Voice?

Simpson: A lot of cool opportunities that are still in the works so I can’t speak in detail about them but I’m excited about what the future holds.

Oxendine: The following you have gained from the Native community is amazing – what message can you offer to those who began those global fan clubs?

Simpson:  I know, honestly, I’m just so grateful for their belief in me and I’m so glad I can shed a light on our people.

Oxendine: When you sang “Oh Holy Night,” it transformed how I looked at that song forever.  You have that power in your voice – what does that feel like?  I ask because if I had a voice like that, I would just carry cards around that said, “Hi,” and never talk – it is golden.  Lol. Bless you and your voice!

Simpson:  Hahahaha –  honestly taking care of my voice is a lot of hard work. And a lot of time I do go on vocal rest and I just don’t talk for hours, sometimes even days, but I just know I can’t take what God gave me for granted.

Oxendine:  I am so in awe of your husband and your love. I can feel it translated through the lyrics and how you react when you say his name or spend time with him.  How has that love helped you to face such challenges? 

Simpson:  My husband is my number one supporter, and my best friend. I wouldn’t have made it through any of this without him.

Brooke Simpson sings on season 13 of NBC’s “The Voice.” Photo Courtesy A. Kay Oxendine

Oxendine:  Your mom and dad and family all did extraordinary things to keep your spirit fed while you were on The Voice – has it always been this way?

Simpson:  Yes. Always. We are a very tight knit family.

Oxendine:  What can all your family members, tribal members, new fans and worldwide loves do to support you? We all pray – but what can we do to make sure we hold you up to persevere in this business?

Simpson:  Honestly just continue going on this journey with me. Follow my social media to stay updated on when I am performing and, or releasing music. Honestly, social media is my biggest source in this day and age.  I cannot do it without you guys. I love you and I am so grateful for how much you love me back. This is just the beginning.



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